6 Critical Mistakes

Mitia CoolSculpting


  1. Not having obtained a great consultation by a professional. The most expensive procedure you ever have, is the one that is not suited to fix your concerns, or produces significant side effects that require medical intervention. Your CoolSculpting treatment begins with a consultation by a board certified dermatologist to determine if this is the right treatment for your body type. If you are not a candidate, we do not treat you.
  2. Looking for miracles. Let’s face it, there is no treatment in the world that would prevent you from gaining weight if there are unhealthy life choices. We begin your CoolSculpting treatment by assessing your body type, areas of concern to you, and encourage you to maintain a healthy life style to maintain your results. We help you set realistic expectations and help you every step of the way towards treatment success.
  3. Following the latest fad. The media loves reporting new and innovative procedures in cosmetic advances. However, not every device or treatment publicized or advertised is really as safe or as effective as their marketing gimmick. CoolSculpting has been studied for many years after its initial design by a Harvard scientist, and has since been published over 22 times in peer-reviewed scientific journals for dermatologists and plastic surgeons. Safety and efficacy of this technique has been well demonstrated scientifically.
  4. Impulse decisions based on “time-sensitive offers.” We all love sales – who doesn’t want to save money or get more for their money? Having said that, cosmetic procedures are still medical procedures. They carry risks and benefits that need to be discussed. We encourage our patients to ask questions and plan their CoolSculpting treatment accordingly. The worse value is one that doesn’t deliver results or creates irreversible complications. We do not believe that time should factor in your decision. We encourage you to consider it carefully, and are here to help you make the right decisions for your body.
  5. Not knowing who are the experts best suited to handle the problem that is affecting you. Many people for example, do not know that “cosmetic surgery” is not a real field in medicine! While there are board certified plastic surgeons and board certified dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons are not boarded by any real entity. They are doctors from a variety of fields how have decided to perform cosmetic procedures without proper residency training or board certification. Not only is our office run by board certified dermatologists, we only refer our patients to other equally respected colleagues for procedures we are not qualified to render. Consider carefully who is treating you.
  6. It worked for my friend so it should work for me. To an untrained eye a rash is a rash, a wrinkle is a wrinkle or fat is just fat. However, to a trained eye there are significant differences that dictate if you are indeed a candidate for a particular treatment. Even if your friend loves a procedure, if we feel that you do not qualify for that procedure, we will not offer you that treatment. We are happy to help you explore alternatives that best suit your individual needs and concerns.

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