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Mari CoolSculpting


  1. Coolsculpting has been scientifically proven to eliminate fat cells. This machine has been studied extensively with over 20 peer-reviewed papers and abstracts published in medical literature.
  2. Coolscupting has proven safety and efficacy. Most treatments produce about 22% fat loss in the treated area. About 92% of patients who had just one treatment noticed a significant fat reduction in the treated area, and over half a million treatments have been done worldwide.
  3. Coolscultping is non-invasive. There is no case of permanent damage after over half a million cases studied. Temporary bruising, numbness or pain resolves within few days if it occurs. There is never any cuts or surgical blades introduced into the skin. Coolscupting will give you results without surgery.
  4. Coolscupting is not a replacement for exercise or proper dietary habits. However, Coolscupting can help get rid of stubborn fat pockets in the body that are harm to impossible to get rid of through diet or exercise alone. These sites include the fat behind the arms, bra fat, back fat, love handles, muffin-tops, or fat around the buttocks or inner thighs. Coolscupting can sculpt the body to a new level of health and beauty.
  5. CoolSculpting won “The Best Body Treatment” in NewBeauty’s Fourth Annual Beauty Choice Awards. This yearly award recognizes the best products on the market as voted by thousands of NewBeauty readers, NewBeauty editors and top beauty experts. With over 500,000 copies distributed at more than 42,000 retailers nationwide, NewBeauty is the leading scientifically accurate and ethically balanced beauty resource, empowering women to make well-educated and informed decisions.

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