8 Point Checklist

Brian CoolSculpting


  1. Clean and organized office. Infections with certain dangerous bacteria such as MRSA, or viruses such as Hepatitis C, can be transmitted through bodily fluids. We pride ourselves in cleaning every exam room, door handle, device, and instrument with the highest quality sterile or disinfection techniques after each use.
  2. The training of the staff. Finding great staff that are competent and caring is a challenge for every practice. It takes hours of training and supervision to create the level of core competency we expect of our staff to ensure safety and effectiveness of every procedure.
  3. The initial consultation. We do not pass off the responsibility of your initial examination to anyone short of a board certified dermatologist. There are good candidates for CoolSculpting, however, not everyone is a candidate. There are risks with every procedure and we pride ourselves for being prepared to handle any potential complications. Our doctors are personally on call every day to ensure the highest level of care. Our staff is well trained to manage and handle the procedures offered.
  4. Eye for beauty! Careful attention to details helps us find any asymmetry in the body that can be improved upon as a result of your treatment. No one is perfectly symmetrical, but accounting for those slight differences makes a big difference in treatment outcomes.
  5. The revolving door. When there is so much sales pressure on staff, or the leadership of the practice is faulty, there is always a turnover in the staff. Staff members burn out under pressure, or get fired under sales quota. This affects the quality and integrity of your care. We pride ourselves for having highly trained staff members who are happy with their jobs, and happy to care for you as you undergo your CoolSculpting treatment. We do not have quota or sales pressure!
  6. The type of establishment. It is lovely to be at a spa, and to indulge in beautiful hot stones and massages. Cosmetic treatments are not a spa like activity. They involve real medical risks, and require the highest standards of medical practice. We love our beautiful office but are most proud of the behind the scenes level of sterilization, safety procedures and quality assurance of all equipment and supplies.
  7. Various services offered. An ideal office has more than one treatment available and has a variety of resources to treat specific conditions with the right tools. If you only have one type of laser, you can use that multiple times to get the results, if any, that one might achieve with just 1 treatment with the correct laser that would address that specific condition.
  8. The latest fad! There are many technologies that sound great in theory, and are marketed so well by the companies creating a big hype on TV or print media. However, not all of the latest are the greatest! We make sure to use time tested and scientifically proven technologies that are both safe and effective, and stay clear of fads that can waste time and money, or put you at risk for permanent injury.

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